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This guide covers all Skipper dolls from 1964 (63) until 1988 - US and international issues; fashions (until 1979) and many related items. Some pages are being updated at the moment.


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You can find pictures and information on all Skipper related fashions from 1965 - 1979. It was important to me to show you how these fashions look like on dolls, so you can see them dressed. You can also find descriptions and pictures of details or variations some of which - to my knowledge - have never been published before. 


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Skipper (Salesmen/Production) Sample/Test Market Dolls 1964 (1963)/Prototypes

Straight Legs SL Skipper #0950 1964 - 1968 incl. Dressed Doll Boxes

Japanese Skipper S950 1964 - 1966/Sun Sun Skipper (Japanese Sun Set Malibu Skipper #1069) 1972 (1971)/Skipper in Japan

Bendable Legs BL Skipper #1030 1965 - 1970(1971)

Pink Skin SL Straight Leg Skipper #0950 1966 - 1968

TNT Skipper  #1105 (incl. Sausage Curl) 1968 - 1971

Reissue (Re-issue) Skipper #0950 1970 - 1971

Living Skipper #1117, #1147, #1586 1970 - 1971

Malibu Skipper Dolls 1971 - 1978

Pose'n Play Skipper #1117 1972/73

Quick Curl Skipper #4233 1973 - 1977

Deluxe Quick Curl Skipper #9428 1976 - 1977

Growing Up Skipper #7259 1975 - 1977

German (European) Skipper #8519 1972

TNT Skipper Europe #8126 (incl. Dressed Dolls) 1973/74

Funtime Skipper #7193 1975 - 1977

Partytime Skipper #9926 1977 - 1979

Skipper Dolls 1979 - 1984

Skipper Dolls 1984 - 1988

Korean Skipper

Skipper's friends:

Ricky #1090 1965 - 1967

Skooter #1040, #1120 1965 - 1967 (1971)

Living Fluff #1143 1971

Pose'n Play Tiff #1199 1972

Growing Up Ginger #9222 1976

Funtime Skooter  #7381 1976

Skipper, Ricky, Skooter Clone Dolls and Competitors