Quick Curl Skipper #4223 1973 - 1977

#4223 "Quick Curl Skipper" was sold from 1973 - 1975. She had pale-ash-blonde hair streaked with metal fibers which made it possible to style the hair in curls. However, curling and styling the hair over and over again ruined the metal fibres and nowadays it's hard to find Quick Curl Skipper dolls with nice hair.  


She was sold in two different box styles and came with a white plastic X- stand, a fashion booklet. a pink comb, brush and hair curling wand, blue and yellow hair ribbons, two white barrettes and white Taiwan flats.


There were two variations of her original dress, one with a black ribbon (more common) and one with a white ribbon (maybe only sold in Europe).


You usually find these dolls with faded lips.





White stand, pink comb, brush and hair curling wand that came with Quick Curl Skipper #4223 plus back side of the original packaging:

Deluxe Quick Curl Skipper #9428 1976 - 1977

In 1976 and 1977 "Deluxe Quick Curl Skipper" #9428 was sold in a new pink box wearing a pink maxi dress, a white crocheted shawl and a white bead necklace. The accessories were like above, including two white bobby pins and a long hair piece with a pink ribbon, but the comb, brush and curling wand were white. Her Taiwan flats were pink, not white.



Skipper's markings are the same like the regular Quick Curl Skipper's markings, but "turned around" on her back: © 1967 MATTEL INC. TAIWAN U.S. PATENDED. OTHER PATENTS PENDING

The pink ribbon on the hair piece was replaced:

In Germany, and maybe some other countries, a "Bedroom furniture" set #90-9365, showing a Deluxe Quick Curl Skipper was sold. 



The set contained pieces of Growing Up Skipper and Skooter’s bedroom set. For more info please go to the “Growing Up Skipper” page: