Bendable Legs (BL) Skipper #1030 1965 - 1970 (1971)

Bendable Legs (BL) Skipper #1030 1965 - 1967

In 1965 Skipper was also sold with bendable legs. Except for that, she resembled the SL Skipper - like her, she had a tan skin tone and no blush.


This doll came with a new - pink - box and swimsuit, as well as with a wire stand, booklet, headband and a white brush and comb. One of these dolls in good condition in her original box sold on eb.. for 185 US $ in November 2018.


In 1966, the BL Skipper was sold in a tan or pink skin tone. In the 1967 German Barbie booklet a pink skin BL Skipper is pictured. It's possible these pink skin dolls were also sold in Germany (or maybe all of Europe) the following years, since a bendleg Skooter was depicted in the German Barbie booklet from 1971. 


Pink skin BL Skippers are hard to find, and even harder to find in a good condition. Usually they have faded or discolored faces, lips and arms. They come with blush. A high color pink skin BL Skipper in medium condition sold on eb.. for 226 US $ in October 2018 (doll and original swimsuit only - no box).


Since the BL Skipper's legs are made of a softer material than the SL Skipper's legs, they are prone to staining and often have pin pricks or chewmarks. (You can find a picture of a pink skin BL Skipper doll if you scroll down the page)


BL Skippers in general are hard to find with unfaded lips and original lip paint.


Their body markings are:  © 1963 Mattel, Inc.


The feet of the BL Skippers also have markings. Most are marked Japan, but there are also dolls with "U.S.A." markings - and a few don't have markings at all. 


BL Skipper dolls were sold in boxes stating the regular hair colors "blonde", "brunette" and "titian", but there are Skippers with unusual hair colors as well, just like the first issue Straight Leg Skippers. For more info on the hair colors, please go to the bottom of the following page: 

A brunette tan BL Skipper in medium condition with box, accessories and wrist tag sold for 250 US $ in March 2019.

A brunette tan BL Skipper with original swimsuit and shoes in medium condition sold on eb.. for 123 US $ in April 2019.

There were two gift sets with a Bendable Leg Skipper:


1965 "Skipper Holiday Party Gift Set" #1039 

1967 "Sears own Skipper and Skooter Gift Set"


For more information on these sets please click on the link below:

Notice the different markings: "Japan" and "USA". The feet with "USA" markings don't show toes when

looking at them from below. Pictured below is a BL Skipper with no markings on her feet at all:

Top, box 1965 + 1966

Both sides, box, 1965 + 1966

Usually you find BL Skippers with faded/butter lips

BL Skipper in Canada

In Eaton's of Canada's 1966 winter catalogue a Bendable Legs Skipper doll is advertised together with six extra outfits. 

Interestingly, these outfits aren't original Mattel Skipper fashions, but Eaton's of Canada's own "Twinkles Doll" fashions.

You can read more on the following page:

1967 - 1970 (1971) Bendable Legs BL Skipper #1030

In 1967, the Bendable Leg Skipper doll was available in a new box. This box was in lime green and showed some of Skipper's mod fashions on the sides. Most of the dolls sold in these boxes are pink skin Skippers, however, there are some tan Skippers also. It looks like this doll was sold in the U.S.A. only in 1967, but you can find some later ones in Europe. Some of these late pink skin BL Skipper dolls come with eyes that resemble the ones of the Reissue Skipper. They are not pictured in any German catalog, but there's a 1971 booklet showing the Bendable Legs Skooter doll. It is likely the BL Skipper dolls were also sold that year. The dolls found with the heads of Reissue Skipper dolls available in 1970/71 speak for that.


Instead of a wire stand a clear plastic "mod" x stand was sold with this very rare box that is almost impossible to find. It looks like not many of these BL Skipper dolls were on the market.

The brunette Pink Skin BL Skipper pictured is a very unusual doll with eyeliner like the Reissue Skipper dolls sold in 1970/71. This doll came to me from the original owner who only had this one Skipper doll as a child. Found in Germany.

Two Pink Skin BL Skipper dolls:

Tan Skin BL Skipper in her rare box:

Extremely rare 1967 BL Skipper box. Notice the new stand:

Comparison of 1965/66 box (1st pic, bottom; 2nd picture to the right) and 1967 box.

BL Skipper dolls with special hair colors: